Beginner’s Curriculum

This is where it all begins! As you embark on a career in permanent cosmetics,
The knowledge that you obtain will be either your greatest asset or your biggest
Disadvantage in the success that you achieve as a certified permanent cosmetics
Specialist . (CPCS)  This beginners curriculum was designed with you in mind
It’s greatest emphasis is teaching you Quality, skill procedures and the background
knowledge to know why you are doing something, as well how to do it.
In the beginner’s class you will be taught:

A .Permanent Cosmetic Machines/Equipment
There are a variety of machines that are available for permanent cosmetics
application. They fall into three categories: 1-traditional coil/tattoo machine,
2.- rotary/pen machine, 3. hand method-no machine. There are advantages
and disadvantages to every one. Eternal Beauty Cosmetics  classes
are taught with the traditional/coil machine. I have experimented with many
types of machines and always return to my coil machine. I discuss in detail
all the different types to make you aware of them,along with the pros and
cons of each, so that you can decide for yourself if you would like to try
one of these different machines in the future.

B. Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitization
As a Cosmetologist, this is a great concern with permanent cosmetic procedures
In this segment I discuss:

: The importance of sterilization and sanitization-How to know the difference
: How to do safe permanent cosmetics applications
:Sterilizing your equipment—techniques and options
:OSHA requirements
:Disposal systems
:Universal Precautions as it pertains to permanent cosmetics
: How to set up a sanitary treatment room and office

C. Color and Pigments
The correct pigment selection will be the difference between a “ great looking”
Procedure and a so-so procedure. In this segment I discuss:

:How to determine the right pigment colors for your client
:What are the different pigment types
:Mixing pigments
:Highlighting with pigments

D. Skin Anatomy and Skin Preparation

:Morphology of the face
:Different facial types and complimentary facial features
:Proper skin preparation before, during and after a procedure
:Where are we going to place the pigment

E. Techniques
:Discussion of all the different techniques used in permanent cosmetics
applications: Dots-scratch method-circular method-hair strokes method
:Needle Selection:
Single, 3-18 prong/liners,flats, shaders,magums,specialty needles
:Tube Selection
I discuss the difference between lexan, plastic and stainless steel tubes

F.Comfort Considerations
Discuss the options available for pain alleviation:
-topical anesthetics (over-the counter/non-prescription)
-prescription topical anesthetics
-Physician administered Central Nerve Blocks
Discuss non-medication options to make your clients comfortable

G. Charting and Business Forms
(Charting)--one of the most time comsuming, tedious and repetitive of chores
Unfortunately it is probably your most valuable asset in permanent cosmetics
Besides for a good application technique! The medical industry loves a good
Chart. I have a good chart to cover you.It is quick and easy and will cover you
Legally if the unfortunate should happen.
(Consultation)—How do you conduct a consultation with a potential client?
What are the most frequently asked questions and answers? What do the clients
Want to know? What do I tell them and what don’t I tell them? How do I finish
A consultation and successfully obtain an informed client? This cass takes all
The worries away. You will do live, supervised consultation one on one, and
Learn all the time tested tricks of the trade.
(Consent Form)—What do I  have a client sign? What are the legal considerations
of a consent form? What does it bind me to or from? What do I want a client to
be informed of before a permanent cosmetic application? What do I tell them to
do when they get home? This class covers all those questions as well as discussing
the other forms necessary to be reassured that you have an informed client.
These are the patch test, pre and post procedure client forms

H. Treatment Room and Office Set up
What exactly am I going to need? How do I set up the area I am going to do
Permanent Cosmetics? This segment discusses everything from the main
Equipment, to the smallest after thought of equipment. Supplies you need
Now to start and those you can wait  until a later date to obtain.

I. Hands-On Training With Live Models
Now that you have a great background and knowledge base in permanent
Cosmetics, it is time to put all you learned to use. My classes provide live
Models that you will be doing permanent cosmetics applications of
Eyeliner, eyebrows,lipliner/full lip color on, in a one on one supervised
Situation. I am beside you during each procedure from start to finish
I celebrate with you , when you realize—Hey I got it! Many students
Want to have permanent cosmetics applied to themselves,that is included.
Most of your clients will want to see the permanent cosmetics in person
And what better advertising do you have than your own FACE!!

J. Marketing and Advertising
Now that you have learn how to do permanent cosmetics. How do you
Promote it? How do people find out about you? What kind of advertising
Works? Where can you work, or where should you work? Naming your
Business, finding a logo, all these things are discussed in this informative
Class. You are provided with brochures to help get you on the way to
Better advertising.

K. Insurance and Laws
It is your responsibility before class to become aware of the state and city
Requirements, that may be necessary in some states, in order for you to do
Business as a permanent cosmetic technician. This class focuses on the
Permanent Cosmetics in regards to insurance and the laws in the united
States.What direction are laws going to on city and state levels.This class
Focuses on different malpractice insurance options that are available to
You once you become a certified Derma-Technician. A helpful site for
Information on laws is ,click on your state. That’s where
You will find Spcp trainers.

l. Corrections
People trained with proper background in permanent cosmetics you
Will not be doing many corrections-but there are some correctons
Techniques that will be helpful in your “perfecting sessions”. This
Is a basic class on corrections with emphasis on ways to change
Colors and to correct mild imperfections. The advance class goes
Into more detail, and covers all forms of corrections.

Suppliers List and Product Information
Where do you find all your supplies for permanent cosmetics? There
Are many different companies that produce equipment and supplies
Used in permanent cosmetics industry. This class discusses all the
Companies that we do business with, at the same prices that we
Obtain them.We make you expert “hunters”in the supplies fields
So you can make informed decisions on what to try and what to
Stay away from.

Advanced Curriculum

As you gain experience and increased comfort level in the beginners
Techniques, you will be ready to expand your practice to include
The advanced permanent cosmetic techniques. This two day class
Intense workshop was designed as an expansion of the Beginner’s
Class, and to provide instruction in advanced techniques and
“paramedical” techniques. In this class you will learn:

A. Areola (Nipple) Repigmentation
:How to correctly measure for areola repigmentation placement
:Pigment color selection-matching bilateral and unilateral
:Techniques for areola repigmentation
: Pre and Post care instructions

B. Cleft Lip Repigmentation
: How to correctly reshape the lipliner, fill in lip tissue and
create the illusion of a full upper lip
:Lip color matching
:Scar camouflage of unilateral or bilateral scars
:Emotional and psychological implications of a cleft lip

C. Scar Camouflage Techniques
: How to camouflage any (white) pigmented area
:Non-pigment scar camouflage techniques
: Matching pigment color to skin color
:What can be done and what can’t
:When/what to refer for better options in scar camouflaging

D. Advanced Color Theory
:How to tell if your client is cool or warm based
:What colors/pigments would look best on your client
:Advanced highlighting techniques for:
:Eyeliner-smudging effects,tapering,pigment color options
:Eyebrows- using highlights of different color to create
natural looking brows
: Lips-creating a distinct lipliner, using two toned pigments

E. Corrections
:Learn how to expertisely use your color theory in pigment selection
:Your client comes to you for a touchup(perfecting session), her
eyebrows are grayish and she wants a golden brown, what do you do?
: The shape of the lipliner is slightly crooked-How do you correct it?
:All aspects of pigment color corrections and placement corrections
are discussed
:Permanent pigment removal options –techniques you can use yourself
and those that you refer out to laser removal

F. Marketing and Advertising
:This class goes in depth of how to market your new business in
permanent cosmetics practice. How to create eye catching brochures
using fonts, styles of brochures,colors, layouts, and how to get your
message across.How to advertise on TV, radio,and the newspaper.
How do I solicit working with physicians and medical community?
How do I solicit working in beauty salons and the Beauty industry?
Inexpensive and effective methods of marketing-that gain you clients.

H. Who We  ARE
Eternal Beauty Cosmetics, Permanent Cosmetics Center and Education
Associates is owned and operated by Polly L. Parker. A licensed
Cosmotologist, since 1970,A licensed Beauty Instructor, A Certified
Permanent Cosmetic Specialist(CPCS) since 1988. I have many years
In the Beauty Industry, making people look their best in makeup as
Well as their hair. I am a certified Trainer for the Society of Permanent
Cosmetic Professionals. My commitment to Permanent Cosmetics is
For continuing education with my field, with the direct purpose of
“passing it on” to my students. In addition to the bi-yearly conferences,
I attend “Train the Trainers” course each year, Summit trainers course.
Bloodborne Pathogens class each year.To keep up on the latest in
Permanent Cosmetics Industry. I am certified in American Institute
Of  Color Technology(AIPCT) Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation,
And advanced Camouflage Techniques, Cleft lip repigmentation,
Areola repigmentation. Perma-Derm Academy, Derma Star Productions
Beau Institute & Corrective Cosmetics LLC, Guastella Institute LLC
Health Educators Inc. Facial Expressions advanced techniques.
Anais Corporation of Permanent Cosmetics. My goal is to make you
The most competent, skilled and knowledgeable Technician that I have
Learned in my years of many training programs eliminating the apprehension
And feelings of “Do I know it all”that we all experienced in the
Beginnings of our practice.  I  am still here after the class for
You to call if any problems should arrive or you have any questions
You need answered. I like to keep in contact with my students
On the latest pigments, new techniques, new machines, anything
New that I have learned, in case they can’t attend any conference
Or classes. I like to share the information that I have learned.
To make them better  informed Technicians.

I’m located in the center of Indiana, north of Indianapolis
About 90 miles, 40 miles from Fort Wayne, In.
In a small town called Wabash, Indiana. I do not train
Anymore than 2 students at a time, so that we have better           
Hands on training.  The address of Eternal Beauty Cosmetics
Is 1480 Glendale Wabash, Indiana 46992, 260-563-3240

This is my office! I look forward to seeing you in the future!                                                                                          

Become A Permanent Cosmetics Specialist!

Looking for ways to expand your business or add to services? Add a permanent
Cosmetic specialist to your office…..Rent space in a Beauty Salon….. Be your
Own Boss!…..Add to your profession…..Interested in or want a new career?
These are just a few of the options available to today’s specialist, and those
Who  provide Permanent Cosmetic services!

  Learn How To Apply:                 


You will find pleasure of exceptional personal rewards when serving your
Clients! My graduates have been earning as much as $100-200/hour and
Even more! Touchup sevices provide you with a continued expanding client
Base-plus access for your clients to the other services that you provide.
Your clients will love their sensual lips,their emphasized eyes and most
Of all their younger looks! Permanent Cosmetics provides the greatest
“finishing touch” to all cosmetic procedures!


Permanent Cosmetics (also known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup,
Or cosmetic tattoing) is safe and completely controlled method of inserting
Microdots of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. These “microdots of
Pigment” are applied in a series of applications to achieve incredible,natural
To dramatic results- all to the personal preference of your client!

Permanent Cosmetics has been around for centuries in one form or another.
Over the past 10 years, a new profession has emerged. Individuals from
A large variety of backgrounds are becoming trained to provide Permanent
Cosmetic services. Cosmetologists, Aestheticians,Tattoo Artists, Makeup Artists,
Electrologists,Nurses, and Physicians all are becoming trained in Permanent
Cosmetics because they realize that this is rapidly becoming the most sought
After service that the public is requesting!
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