Polly is my former trainer and she is great at her job--she is a hands on
teacher--I have learned alot from her and she is always there when I
need her. Angela Pier
Polly has done my eyeliner,brows,lips and I am
grateful she has made me feel so pretty.I can just
get on my harley and ride and look
good--Charolette Hood
Polly was my trainer in the permanent cosmetics--she is a great
Lady--she has taught me so much with her hands on--she has done all
of my makeup for me to help promote my business in ILL--I would
highly recomend her--she is there anytime I need her--Anita McGinnis
Polly was my trainer--She has done all of the
procedures on me--She has taught so much
and I can call on her when I need her. I have done
very well in Evansville in my new business--She
even taught me how to perm and dye
eyelashes--Diane Matt.
Polly has been a friend since high school and she has  done my
eyeliner and eyebrows and I just love it.I can get and go and feel
pretty everyday--It saves me a lot of time--Suzie Snyder
Polly and i have been friends for 38yrs --She has
done a complete make over for me--she has done
my eyeliner,my eyebrows--cut my hair and put
color on it--I went from white to blonde and a
total new look and I love it..It makes me feel so
good--Anne Koch---
Polly did my make a few yrs ago and I love it. I get lots of
compliments.I'm losing my sight and unable to put makeup on,
so this has been great for me,she has done my eyes,brows and
lips,this has been a blessing in my life.Polly is a very special
person,she is always there to help people in any way she can
Sandy Bland
Polly has done my eyeliner and my brows and my
lip liner--I just love --don't know why i didn't do it
sooner--but I am glad that I did--Pamela Upchurch
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I can swim--shower and my eyeliner doesn't rub off---absolutely
love it and its always there..It saves me alot of time.It makes me feel
confident and beautiful. Trisha Bailey